About Yael

I’m Yael Enkin, a Jewish, Israeli artist living in the Biblical heartland. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., I spend my days enjoying, creating, coming up with new ideas and basically having fun in my studio. I make things for people who enjoy the beauty of wood, who appreciate beautiful handmade items that are useful, who gain strength and are uplifted by positive inspirational messages, and who enjoy unique Judaica to bring joy and beauty to their life.

I believe that everyone is creative. It is one of our many gifts from God. Our gift back to God is to use that creativity to bring things from the realm of imagination into the realm of reality. We thus become a partner with God and help to bring joy and light into the world. My dream is to create meaningful, uplifting messages and items that help others to share my "Joie de Vivre" -- optimism and love of creativity. I hope to strengthen and encourage others, helping them to persevere when times get tough and to bring a smile to their faces.

Yael in the studio

I’ve always loved arts and crafts, ever since I was little and used to spend a lot of time with my Grandmother (who always had some neat project she was working on and even taught craft classes). Today I love learning new techniques and combining different arts and craft forms and raw materials to come up with something interesting. I just love making things!

When I was a mother with three small children, I moved back to Israel after a few years spent in the U.S. and Canada. We came with nothing but our suitcases. Needless to say our apartment was pretty empty in the beginning. I started by collecting unwanted furniture in need of repair and fixing it up, painting it, reupholstering it etc. I enjoyed the challenge of seeing the hidden potential in each item. I realized that I really enjoyed this type of work and took a class in painting on wood. The more I worked, the more I loved it. I learned more until I realized that I didn’t just want to decorate the wood, I wanted to be able to manipulate it, to cut and design my own ideas. That’s when I bought my first scrollsaw. Every new tool I buy is an adventure. What will I be able to do or improve with it? The possibilities seem endless.

Over the years I have made many things for many people. My creations can be found in Israel, America, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Australia and more. I have works hanging in schools, and Yeshivot, in Cultural centers and businesses. Customers have said such things as “Thank G-d I have had the honor of buying some of your beautiful art. It is truly inspirational and motivational. I love looking at it and it brings a whole new feeling of warmth and spirituality to our home.” And “We always enjoy everything we buy, whether it was a beautifully painted herbal tea box, a cheerfully colored jewelry holder, or a really stunning sign with our family name carved into wood in Hebrew and English with original designs. When my father in law came to visit and wanted to buy a quality souvenir to bring back to the U.S. with him, we brought him over to your studio. He literally didn't know how to choose between all the wonderful options you offered”

In my spare time when I’m not in my studio I love to read (and drink coffee). I used to go around the house with my nose in a book – even while making dinner. I read and enjoy all kinds of books by authors such as Dan Brown, Brandon Sanderson, Julia Cameron, Mike Dooley, Eliezer Berkovits and more. Fiction, fantasy, history, religion, or how to books, I enjoy them all. The problem in our house is where to put another bookshelf so that the books don’t overflow onto the floor. As a mother who homeschooled her kids for over 8 years, books were always a treasure-trove of information, and entertainment.

If you’ve made it this far I’d like to say thanks for your interest and your time. If you fill out this questionnaire and sign up for my seasonal emails about sales, classes, and the subject of creativity, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your next purchase.
Yael Enkin and family

I am blessed to be supported by my husband and children who add joy and meaning to my life and put up with me and my many creative projects.